Shopping bag

Bag, shopping bag, paper bag, carrier bag or envelope: lots of names for an item that is considered everywhere as the queen in shopping. Made of paper or fabric, it carries your desires, it stands out in the crowd and it leaps to the eye, that is why every brand must have it.
Our bags and shoppers can hold small fine objects or big dreams because they are tailor made. The fabrics can be chosen from soft cottons, comfortable synthetics, as well as natural, regenerated and technical fabrics, microfibers, refined linens and organza, but also tulle and nets.
The timeless paper can be smooth, textured, embossed and it can also feature lithographic, flexographic, hot and relief printing of the brand.
The final touch is given by the handles: a wide choice of coloured ropes and tapes completes the look of your shopping bag.

Some examples of products