Clothes hangers

Hanging in the showrooms, they highlight the brand image; in the stores, they emphasize the personality of the place, but they are also particularly useful during transport: our clothes hangers can be manufactured with a broad variety of customizations, based on our customers’ requirements and styles.
If they have to be displayed, we recommend to use wood, which can be further enriched with scents, as well as Plexiglas and metal, for the most contemporary lines. For shipments, plastic is the best choice, in particular soft touch plastic, as it gives a more natural touch. We design and produce hangers for various types of jackets, coats, trousers, skirts, knitwear, T-shirts, underwear, socks and even swimming costumes. For scarves and pashminas, we use ring hangers. We also produce hangers for the clothes and coats of our pets.
The hook and the metal clamps of the hangers feature a numberless selection of colours and paints, including gold. The brand and its message can be screen printed or applied with a metal or aluminium label. Our anti-slip treatment provides extra safety to the hangers, which can be flocked or have grooves. We also make use of natural and fine wood, which is then finished with natural or transparent varnishing, polishing, lacquering and brushing treatments to make it appealing to the touch.

Some examples of products