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Over the years, Tomasi Master has crossed the borders of Italy and Europe to deliver its products anywhere in the world, contaminating cultures, yet sticking to the principles of know-how and craftsmanship, which are typical of the Made in Italy concept.



Tomasi Master has selected the best logistics partners in the different areas of the world. A selection that allows us to optimize the operating processes in compliance with the rules and regulations of each country.



We established our business in the North East of Italy, in Schio, in the province of Vicenza. We decided to stay here and expand our headquarters and manufacturing plants. A strategic choice: this industrial area with excellent infrastructures allows us to comply with the delivery terms in Italy and abroad.



Where is it better to manufacture? We can answer this question based on your needs. We have production and logistics plants in Italy, Europe and Asia, so you can have different options, in terms of construction and price.

Precious fabrics such as linen or intangible like organza, woods of every type, embroideries, prints, varnishes: our customizations have no limits because they are there to support your creativity. For a luxury fashion packaging, as you want it.

Our collections

Cases for clothes

They protect the garment and highlight its value; they tell the story of your brands: they are designed to protect and create emotions.

Clothes hangers

For showrooms, stores and shipping. Every moment has got its own hanger: either made of wood, or plexiglass of plastic, depending on how you have to use it.

Shopping bags

Made of paper or fabric, they carry your desires and they stand out in the crowd, that is why every brand must have it.

Cases for accessories

Made of cotton, non-woven fabric, velvet or net. They hold scarves, t-shirts, jewellery, bedsheets or shoes as if they were precious treasure chests. To give them the right value.

Boxes for accessories

They reveal, amaze and create emotions. But they also protect and preserve accessories during transport and shipping: everything is tailored to your products.


A real business card for your garments: tags, labels and tapes tell the story and style of your products. Designed to complete your packaging solutions.

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