Luxury Packaging for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Being Tomasi Master Agent means spreading the quality of Made in Italy and Italian Style Packaging to Brands, Industries in the Fashion, Luxury, Cosmetics and Perfumery sectors.


We are looking for enterprising and well-introduced people to lead our products in Italy and around the world.


Fabric and Sustainable Packaging:
Garment and Accessories Covers, Bags, Labels.


Wooden, Plexiglass, Metal and Sustainable Packaging:
Hangers, Visual Display.


Paper and Sustainable Packaging:
Shopping Bags, Boxes for Accessories, Hang tags, Visual Display


01PET, 02HD-PE, 03PVC, 04LD-PE, 05PP, 06PS Sustainable plastic Packaging:
Covers, Bags.


Tomasi Master designs and realizes tailor-made solutions.



TM Industries srl
Headquarters – showroom: via Lago di Misurina 10 A, Z.I. – 36015 Schio (VI) Italy
Registered Office: via Vittorio Veneto 16 – 36016 Thiene (VI) Italy
Meeting Point Office: via Montenapoleone 8 – 20121 Milano Italy

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