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The first form or model of hangers or their similarity it is not known with similar objects. Of certain however they were conceived in the XIX century and they  became object of real marketing in the following centuries. To make them essential to the beginning was the demand, all female, to put back the bulky crinoline suits  of the epoch. On the other hand the meaning of the term hangers bring us to that of accessory used for holding up the suits, to put them inside closets or special exhibitors. A rather diffused synonym is that in fact of hanger.

From necessary objects of common use in the privacy, the hangers have seen during the years an evolution in the modelling,  realized with materials and different finishings as answer to the specific demands of the market, particularly that of the production and distribution of attire.

Essential accessories the hangers for shops, become perfect in the house, to better put back  all of our garments and to ensure they are always in perfect conditions. Today, close to the practical functions, the hangers for fashion world also have a communicative function: their principal purpose is that to manufacture a product and to make therefore it transportable, but at the same time they acquire the role of sales' facilitators, considering  that finishings and models with possibility of personalization, improve the garments and they allow the immediate identification of them.

Wooden hangers represent the ideal accessory for the exposure of haute-couture garments , for the presentations of the samples in show rooms of the most famous brands and in the boutiques. Realized in esteemed woods as beech tree, European wood among the most diffused, ash, briar root and fir of certified origin, is a sought after and necessary object for the customer shop or brand. Wooden hanger can be varnished with coloured shades or with the laquering. The coloured shade allows to glimpse the natural veins of the wood, while with a lacquered colour the whole wood is uniformly covered. Finishing can be opaque or shinier with practically endless solutions of colour as the Pantone.

The velvety hangers, that is treated with velvet, besides giving a touch of elegance to the accessory, they also constitute a solution of anti slip for the garments. Re-assuming the anti slip can be flocked, of silicone or anti slip painted .

Also hangers covered with fabrics as satin and others represent a touch of class that shows and makes precious hanging garments. They are functional besides for the protection effect. In the production of hangers, a particular care and attention turns to the personalization.

The personalized hangers with clients logo use advanced techniques more and more  innovative and sophisticated . You can have a metal label flash gold finishing , laser logo, metal lettering copper finishing embedded in the wood, a hot printed logo on a flocked label or a metal label nickel finishing embedded in the wood. They are all workmanships of high artisan-ship that confirm the quality of our made in Italy.

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