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  • Friday, 03 April 2015 12:37

The term GRUCCE (crutches), of German derivation, in origin is used to indicate  a wood object with vertical baton, that also could be not present, with a metal bar and a hook and is used for hanging suits. From the word "Grucce" (crutches), confined today in the Tuscan dialect circle, are derived the most common synonyms of appendiabiti, clothes-stand and appendini.

But the meaning of crutches is always in the solution that offers, the simplest and fast, to hold in order the suits and to avoid that they crumple .

Essential to prepare to the best the wardrobe, the crutches can be endowed with clips and  bar , ideal to hang skirts and pants, they also find common use even at work to temporarily hang our outerwear.

Object of attention for functionality and design, today the crutches are realized in different material and  finishing, to answer in punctual way to the applications of a demanding clientèle , above all that represented by the world of the production and sale of the attire.

For this reason the manufacturing firms are continuously searching  details that satisfy technical applications of the clients, with an eye of respect to the aesthetical effect of the suspended garment.

Thus were born wooden crutches, with  linear or rounded forms, ideal to accommodate outerwear and customizable with laser or printing. Primarily realized with Beech wood, of European origin, they can be also produced with other types of wood as Ash, Oak, Fir and Birch.

Hooks and the other metal parts could have different finishing as nickel, brass, gold, burnish and gunmetal.

The wooden crutches can also be painted with the most varied shades of colours as wengé, walnut-tree, mahogany, white, black, cherry, natural, rust, whitened , with treatments in oxygenated water and with Pantone color. The attention to the environment today sees the colours obtained with water-based paints that do not pollute. 

As anti slip for knitwear  or pants the crutches are flocked on the shoulders and on the bar. The technical term is "flocking "that creates to the touch a velvet effect  and is particularly sought and used for hanging garments with slippery fabrics as silk or viscous. Wooden crutches can be covered with  cotton fabric and satin to guarantee both the estate of the garment  and to confer a touch of elegance and refinement to the whole.

Moreover crutches can be also covered in leather.

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