The alternative to the classic hanger to hang your garments in a younger way and give to the showrooms and shops a street look is definitely the MAC metal hook. Jeans, down jackets and shirts are shown so airy inviting customers to "touch" the product.

The term GRUCCE (crutches), of German derivation, in origin is used to indicate  a wood object with vertical baton, that also could be not present, with a metal bar and a hook and is used for hanging suits. From the word "Grucce" (crutches), confined today in the Tuscan dialect circle, are derived the most common synonyms of appendiabiti, clothes-stand and appendini.

The first form or model of hangers or their similarity it is not known with similar objects. Of certain however they were conceived in the XIX century and they  became object of real marketing in the following centuries. To make them essential to the beginning was the demand, all female, to put back the bulky crinoline suits  of the epoch. On the other hand the meaning of the term hangers bring us to that of accessory used for holding up the suits, to put them inside closets or special exhibitors. A rather diffused synonym is that in fact of hanger.

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